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Maternal Child Health Nurse Jessie Pizarro feels extremely lucky to work with new moms and babies.

While growing up in Deptford, Jessie Pizarro dreamed of becoming a nurse because of her passion to help others. At the age of 19, Jessie moved one step closer to her dream when she accepted a position at Inspira Medical Center Woodbury’s Community Health Center. 


It didn’t take long for Jessie to realize that her skills would be best utilized working in the hospital’s Maternal Child Health Department. After going back to school and switching hospitals briefly, Jessie saw all of her hard work and dedication pay off when she accepted a Maternal Child Health nursing position at Inspira Medical Center Woodbury in 2007. Having been born at Inspira Medical Center Woodbury and spending her entire life as a resident of Gloucester County, Jessie was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the Inspira family.


Jessie’s favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to be a part of the delivery process.  As the mother of two young children, she appreciates how special this time is for a family. She says, “To watch parents welcome a new baby is one of the most gratifying experiences someone can ever imagine, and I am lucky enough to have this experience over and over again. It’s pretty awesome.”


Unfortunately, Jessie understands that not all trips to the Maternal Child Health Department are joyous occasions, and she knows that not all moms leave with a new baby in their arms. Throughout Jessie’s years working with this department, she has seen firsthand the heartache that families endure when facing the loss of a child, and she says, “To watch a family go through the loss of their hopes and dreams is very difficult.”


Shortly after Jessie started in with the department, she met a young couple who were very excited to be having their first child.  The couple ended up losing that infant, and several after, and Jessie remained a source of support for the couple through it all.  She remembers crying along with the mother as she labored for hours on end, and she remembers wishing there was something she could do to help take the couple’s pain away.


Jessie’s desire to help in any way she could lead her to request funds from the Foundation in 2014 to set up Inspira Medical Center Woodbury’s first ever HOPING Fund. The fund will help the Maternal Child Health Department provide services and materials to families that are mourning the loss of an infant.


As Jessie reflects on her years as a nurse in Maternal Child Health, she says, “I feel like I’m lucky to be able to comfort my patients as they go through this immense loss, and I no longer worry about how much I cry with them, because my tears let them know that I care.”


Jessie takes great pride in the fact that her job gives her the opportunity to help women through their first days with their new baby. She knows that this can be a challenging time for parents, and Jessie's commitment and compassion helps them to navigate the journey.


“To watch parents welcome a new baby is one of the most gratifying experiences someone can ever imagine, and I am lucky enough to have this experience over and over again. It’s pretty awesome.”

-Jessie Pizarro

  • Jessie and Patient and Baby

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