Inspira Foundation Gloucester County

A Message from the President and CEO

  • John DiAngelo


Beyond my role as Inspira Health Network's president and CEO, I am a proud donor and a believer in our mission. Inspira is founded on philanthropy, and our progress is driven by necessity and innovation.


Over the next five years, Inspira Health Network is investing a total of $600 million to enhance patient experience and serve the needs of our community. We have borrowed $325 million, and the balance will be funded by the network and philanthropy.


By joining me in support of this capital campaign, you are choosing to invest in our commitment to provide community members with access to exceptional clinicians, leading technology, and a comprehensive health care system.


Families in our region depend on the services provided by Inspira, and your philanthropy can make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.


Your gift will inspire others to partner with us in our mission to provide this community with exceptional health care.


I am proud of everything that Inspira Health Network has accomplished so far, and we will continue to develop new ways to serve this community. Your philanthropic support will allow us to achieve even more! We are now, and always will be, in it for you.




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John A. DiAngelo
President and CEO