Inspira Foundation Gloucester County


Dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the residents of Gloucester County, Dr. J. Harris Underwood founded Inspira Medical Center Woodbury in 1915.

On November 15, 1915, Dr. J. Harris Underwood provided Gloucester County with its first hospital.


He bought and remodeled a small frame house at the corner of Broad Street and Red Bank Avenue in Woodbury. In time, this became the Underwood Private Hospital. Dr. Underwood and his brother, Amos, a dentist, kept offices on the first floor, and there were four rooms for patients on the floor above.


In 1919, the first addition to Underwood Hospital was opened, and the steady growth of the community necessitated additional facilities. In 1927, a three-story building was added to the main structure. In 1932, the John C. Dunn Memorial Wing was constructed; and, in 1948, another building was added to the main building. 1n 1937, the Underwood Hospital was incorporated as a non-profit institution. In 1953, the three-story Downs Building was completed, bringing the hospital to a 107-bed, 24-bassinet capacity.


Memorial Hospital, originally the Brewer Hospital, was founded by Dr. William Brewer in 1918 several blocks from Underwood Hospital. By 1956, Memorial Hospital offered community residents 48 beds, which increased to 76 beds when the Memorial Pavilion building was opened in 1960.


Underwood Private Hospital and Memorial Hospital were consolidated and incorporated into one hospital in 1966 at the Red Bank Avenue location forming Underwood-Memorial Hospital. Today, Inspira Medical Center Woodbury continues these traditions of growth, progress, and serving the community.





J. Harris Underwood's Story

Dr. J. Harris Underwood dreamed of providing the residents of Gloucester County with quality healthcare close to home.